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Topic: Write a letter to someone you dislike/don't get along with.


I'm going to use this opportunity to address issues that haven't been sitting well with me. But before I begin, I just want to make it clear that no, I'm not trying to instigate anything. Nor am I trying to embarrass anyone. I just want to get a few things off my chest and I'm going to go about it in the most mature and best-behaved way I can.

Here it goes.

To the two of you:

A, I don't dislike you. At all. I honestly think you're a pretty interesting person and a girl with many talents. It kind of freaks me out that you and I have a number of similarities, given the circumstances I won't even go into, and I'm not denying the fact that it didn't sit well with me the first couple of months. In fact, I ended up resenting it. But then, you know, I got over it and got along with you pretty well. But I was always kind of wary of you because I knew of the shit-talking you engaged in with B regarding me before you even knew who I was. And, you know, I can quote you correctly because you put it on blast on a social media site.

"(To B) all i gotta say is 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery'"
"(B to A) man ok well idgaf but she super bites you... my opinion before you stated the obvious!"
(To B) yuppp glad i'm not the only one who sees it. its kind of pretty annoying"
"(B to A) 1:53"
"(To B) its 2:02"
"(B to A) so uh what's that supposed to mean...?"
"(To B) whatever you want it's weird how people put meaning into random things huh"

Before you get all weirded out, I think I should tell you that I have an exceptionally good memory.

Honestly, I understand the reasons as to why the badmouthing even began. Maybe it's because of that you think that certain things I say on this same social media site are directed to you. Or that I have some hidden agenda to subtly insult you. And I'm gonna tell you again what I told you before when you sent me that text regarding this a few months back: No, I'm not directing anything at you. Trust me, if I had any ill intent, you would know. Because I'll be coming at you in avery straightforward way.

I think the only time I've actually thought ill of you was when you would post pictures of Skype sessions between the two of you on his wall. And clue in on the little inside jokes you guys had so publicly so that I can see them. But even then I swallowed it up and dismissed it as something girls just do (something I still personally don't really understand since I'm not really big on blatantly putting things on blast and deem it kind of immature. And yes, all that really hurt A LOT at the time). If only things were revealed a little faster, eh?

But what's done is done, and I'm not here to bring up past issues or what not. I guess I'm really taking advantage of this exercise to get shit off my chest. I mean, I don't even expect you to read this. Nor do I even expect to have this conversation with you in real-time. So, you know, an imaginary conversation suffices in making me feel better about all this.

To be completely honest, this is more directed to B.

B. I don't trust you, at all. The conversation I provided above totally just gave me a huge insight as to what kind of person you are and I'm so glad I'm not in your close circuit of friends.

I think what enraged me most about that was the fact that you'd act cool with me whenever we'd see each other (on a rare occasion when he would bring me around his friends, at that time). And the fact that you still act like you're cool with me while you're probably badmouthing me with the likes of his ex-girlfriend (may God, Buddha, Jesus, Allah and Shiva bless that girl) or whoever seems to be disliking me around you. And this doesn't only go for me. You probably badmouth every one of your friends, depending on the most recent disagreement, or the most recent "OMG I can't stand _____"s, etc etc.

Maybe you mean well, maybe I'm being too harsh. Maybe. But have you thought for a second to tell A the truth, or at least knock some sense into him before you ran your judgmental mouth? It probably wasn't your place to do any such thing, but did you have to go resort to shit-talking?

What kind of guy are you, to badmouth a girl with another girl?

I guess I'm more angry about this because ultimately, you didn't know (and still don't know) shit about me to even have participated in shit-talk.

I'm coming off really harsh, yes. Because, in the end, I'm going to be cool with you and probably share a few laughs and such when we party together. You know, since now we share most of the same friends. I'm going to be nice and say hello and all that jazz, because, ultimately, I don't want bad vibes whenever we're in the same house or club or room or lounge or bar or car together, and I generally like you as a person.

And, honestly, you're a pretty fun guy to be around and yes. Maybe you really do mean well.

But booboo, it'll only be scratching the surface with you. 

And YOU. Oh, you.

Although I don't like to give certain people power over me, I hope you know that you single-handedly ruined my first Vegas experience. I don't know what it is you have against me, I don't even know why you dislike me so much. But, I think what you did in Vegas was very disrespectful, not only to him, but to me. I seriously wanted to smash your face into a cab window.

My first impression of you wasn't so good either. Santa Anita racetrack? At the food truck fest? Yeah, you said some unnecessary snide comments that made me wonder how you even manage to keep your friends.

I find you very unpleasant to be around, and it trips me out because I've never really found anyone to be so unpleasant, especially because I really get along with almost everyone. I'm tolerant of a lot of things and I'm amiable and super easy to get along with but you. Oh, you.

I don't even know what to do with you, since I know I'll be seeing you around pretty often. I don't know whether to ignore you like I did on fourth of July (thatwas rude of me but what the hell do you expect?) or to keep being nice to you. I just wish you weren't so adamant in expressing your dislike for me so that it doesn't kill everyone's mood when we're all together.

I mean... I know why I don't really like you much. Like, crystal clear.

But do you know why you don't find me worthy enough to even respect me like a human being? (Seriously, excuse my French but, bitch I ain't your dog.) What the fuck did I ever do to you?

I mean, I'm just saying. Let's be adults and go about things in a mature way.

We left highschool for a reason.


He skipped out on this one because he found it difficult. Must be nice to get along with everyone, lol.

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