Monday, August 29, 2011


today's gonna be a productive one!
made a habit of writing lists for the day since highschool.
keeps my cluttered mind organized, and it really helps to keep me motivated.

so, here's today's list:

note my gangster all-caps handwriting, lol

i'm not sure if i'll be posting them daily though, haha.
but yes, i'll be heading over to pcc in a bit with my friend noah,
trying to get my life back on track and start school again after two years.

i don't know if i should stick to my english literature major
or go with art history again. hmm. so many decisions to make!

& i got a staff position for new world color just last friday.
i used to intern for mainframe (ceo & music producer for the label),
then we became friends and i disappeared off the face of the music industry..
now i'm back writing bios and album descriptions and press releases for him via label.

super excited to be back on my grind.
i was dying of unproductiveness/quarter life crisis (though i'm not close to 25 yet).

stay tuned, for i shall have interesting updates.
it's always crazy with the nwc fam, ahlwaiyze.

hannah song, it's about that time.

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