Wednesday, August 31, 2011


7. Your opinion on cheating on people.

Well, I'm incapable of cheating. I can't handle the lying, the splitting of time, the process of covering up things. All the things you have to do that's required when you cheat is just too time consuming, causes too many headaches--plus the heartbreak. Oh man, I don't want to put anyone through anything like that. It's brutal. But, I do see why people do it. I mean, maybe you're not satisfied, maybe you just want the best of everyone's world, maybe you're on an endless search in finding happiness and acceptance in/from someone...maybe. I understand it all but I just can't understand how you can be intimate with two (sometimes even more) people at the same time. I'm pretty sure when you're with one, the thought of another pops up and vice versa. I mean, I can't be intimate (and I don't mean it just in the sexual sense) with two people at the same time. I'm very particular when it comes to human relationships from the start, of course when it comes to giving my heart I'll be even more picky.

And, besides, when I give you my all, I give you my all. I can't divide it, I can't hide certain sides of me depending on what type of person I'm with (either you accept and understand all aspects of me or we end things now and move on).

I understand why people do it. It stems from a lot of things. I understand it all. But I don't approve of it. It's heartbreaking, for the cheater and the cheatee and the person the cheater cheats with, unless that cheater is just a spiteful person and thinks they are entitled to all the love they come across.

It's just really messy. Really hurtful. Actually, it's immense emotional pain.

But it's beautiful when they try to make it right.

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