Wednesday, August 31, 2011

allen & amoeba.

i almost forgot i had these pictures.
hung out with my friend allen on a random day.
i like to spontaneously call him up to hang out and do nothing.

we do that quite well.

we went to in-n-out.
went to amoeba (i fucking love that place).
then kinda crashed urban outfitters to break my heart.


i really want to see this movie but i don't have the proper dvd player.

oh, now i remember. it was her birthday.

and, of course. i gotta represent.

decal on allen's car.

ELEPHANT TOMS! i want a pair (or two) of these SO BAD.

my obsession with buddha statuettes. (though i mostly collect budai statuettes. BIG difference.)

thought those were interesting.

allen, we're due for another random hang-out-to-do-nothing-&-eat session.

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