Monday, August 8, 2011

boone gallery blues.

it's not really the blues, but it sounds cool to say.
i'm a gallery facilitator here at the boone gallery, over at lacma.
sometimes it gets really dull, a little too familiar, routine.
but the people i work with make it really fun to spend inside the dim-lit place.

here's a little peek into the things i see at work.

just outside, these conservationists work on a 900(?) year old korean buddhist monk painting.

tony & dee! how i miss them so =(

the wall of awesome paintings people leave behind for us to decorate the wall with!

totally awesome cat-rainbow painting!

super kawaii..

this luchador totally made my day <3

hannah cassell, one of our very helpful gallery facilitators and a parent.

& this is usually the mess i am left to clean up after every person who's used the paint trays.

but the kids are so cute that i look past the icky mess all the time, lol.

YES, we call ourselves the BOONIES. haha.

the things i do when the gallery's slow and i'm feelin' creative.

and YES, the cutest babies come in here everyday.

that's my life at the boone gallery.
it's just one of the many things i do at lacma.

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