Wednesday, August 10, 2011

some greek for ya.

i've been meaning to share these with everyone but i never got around to it.

go figure, right?

i recently went to a greek restaurant named papa cristo's in my neighborhood.
the place has been around for a while--it's a little deli/store/bakery plus eatery
and in all my life i've never enjoyed the food there, with the exception of their superb baguettes.

so, we kind of had a double-lunch-date to try the place out.

our number while we waited.

one of the nicest servers.

the best gyro. EVER.

the moussaka was.... okay.

& our entertainment while we ate.

he was super badass and kind of handsome. ;)

i had a fixation with his boots.

he was kind of cocky but oh how i love a man who's musically inclined.

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