Monday, August 1, 2011

wake up, wake up, wake up

it's the first of the mooooooooonth.
if i were still a lover of mary-jane, i'd light one up and indulge in mean munchies.
but my pothead days have been long since over and i started this morning off with some spitalfield.

complete opposite ends of the music spectrum, i know.
you all should know by now that my music range is as wide as yo momma's hips.


so, it's august, my busy month of july is finally over!

no more waking up super early,
no more daily 9AM-4PM shifts,
no more dealing with rowdy kids,
no more inexperienced interns,
no more cleaning up art supplies,
no more whiny, catty, bratty 8 year old girls,
no more whiny, over-sensitive 6 year old boys,
oh my gosh, no more!

i have to say, this year's summer art camp was the most intense session i've worked.

this time around i was the most experienced camp counselor,
so i ran around the whole museum handling two classes of 20 kids,
making sure that their limbs were intact, that their stomachs were full, & they weren't wreaking havoc.

hard work, i'm telling you.
it's stressful taking care of kids,
that aren't even related to you,
and making sure they're still alive
by the time their parents pick them up.

but as much as i complain, i love these kids and i love working this program. $$$$$

plus, seeing how that it's the first of august,
it's time to recap on the things that went on in july,
documented by my samsung vibrant galaxyS.

first bonfire of the summer over at huntington beach <3

after the most intense dining experience over at sushi stop.
i'm gonna have to say that it was probably the best sunday of my life.
(taken by steven, my french-vietnamese older brother/roommate,'s G2.)

santa monica pier! first time going in a couple of years.

(taken by steven's G2.)

look at all my tanlines, haha.

 i still need to get the hang of the panorama option on my phone.

my three favorite boys, plus alex <3

my baby looking dapper. he let me dress him up for his step-sister's wedding =)

and i wore my lace dress for the first time. we were matching!

for seating arrangements. such a cute idea! 

obviously the wedding was basketball themed & it was very cute.


i named this one "friday's taking too damn long"

double-date night! 'twas so much fun =)

or does it?

i bought tickets for me & sean to go see tortured soul, our favorite soul-house band.
unfortunately he couldn't make it due to a last minute call-in for work, but next time for sure <3

this one was called "first time at the oc fair!"
we take great pictures <3

this one is my favorite one.
& yes, i was quite drunk off wine =)

sushi roku for drea's birthday! started off with a cucumber lemonade martini....

then had a ginger lychee mojito (on the right)....

zee birthday lady & zee boyfriend while we were waiting for everyone else. 

 salmon sashimi in black truffle oil topped off with diced tomato & black truffle shreds.

once everyone came we romped around pasadena in celebration.
jagerbombs, unknown shots of whatever, chilled jameson shots, jake's burgers & fries...
it was a very good night, and i very much enjoy drea's company!

 now here come the summer art camp pictures!

the kids got to see the tim burton exhibit on a wednesday when the museum's closed.

one of my favorite parts of the overpriced exhibit.

i tried to keep the kids away from this. even i found it a little disturbing....

david smith!

what i sketched while taking a break from the kids, lol

leo! this boy was a handful but had such a delightful mind.

pablo picasso's centaur.

one of my favorite paintings.

every morning & every afternoon the kids decorated this tarp.

stafford! one of my favorite summer camp regulars. he follows me around everywhere, lol.

i want to write for variety one day.

the kids show the artwork they did over the week on friday for their parents.

plasticine & wire on wood block, done by noah. one of my favorites. noah was such a cute kid.


david hockney inspired collective piece.

clay made out of paper..?

where i'd nap on my lunch breaks, haha.

shawn drew caricatures of the camp workers on his last day <3

i love the architecture of the newer buildings of lacma.

one eventful, super busy, short-tempered & fun month.
a big thank you to those who made it every bit enjoyable!
i'm excited to see what august has in store for me and for you =)

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