Sunday, September 18, 2011


13. A date you'd love to go on.

I'm not very romantic, although I have to admit that every now and then I want to have a romance movie moment (but you'll never hear me saying it out loud). I can't really stand many romantic comedies, stay away from romance movies (things like The Notebook and all that jazz), and I'm not very much into the whole overly affectionate thing (unless I'm behind closed doors). I guess a nice candlelit dinner and a walk on the beach would be something I'd like to do, but eh.

Right now, I'm into the whole traveling thing. I want to spend a week away from Los Angeles and go roam about in another city (preferably San Francisco but I'm game for anywhere else). I'm against doing touristy things though. I want to make friends in a new city and live like the locals for a week--nevermind the attractions that city offers. But..that doesn't really count as a date, does it? More like a vacation..

Okay, a date. I'd love to go find a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that serves the best food. Then buy some wine and cheese to hang out at my favorite park (or find a new park) after hours. Then maybe find some places that are ideal for night-shooting and snap away. I mean, all this counts as a date, right? It may not be flashy but..

I mean..what do other people do on dates? Honestly, I don't really care what we do, as long as there's good conversation and laughter. Oh, and let's not forget about the good food, too.

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