Tuesday, September 6, 2011

first post from my phone.

i recently downloaded the blogger application on my phone and this is the first time i'm using it. usually i'm kind of ocd about the way my blogposts look so i'm curious to see what it looks like if posted from this droid-contraption of mine.

anyway, a picture of olivia to start the day! i'm over at my nannying job right now and we're watching tangled =) i've grown to love this little girl. as you can see, she's always on the move, haha.

so, in a bout of bad writer's block i asked on twitter and facebook (via status update and tweet), to suggest some writing topics for me.

i got some good ones and i'll be posting them here when i'm done. in the mean time, here's a list of what they are:

- suicide note, laura chau.
- heartbreak, mike pen.
- polygamy/mcdonald's dollar menu/lysol, gee.
- confusion, bernadette vito.

plus i have a new topic from the writing exercise i'm doing with jonathan (who i lovingly call 'navales').
it's a pretty good one and i'm excitedddd.

and i have a few nwc goodies on the way, yay!

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