Friday, September 23, 2011

sushi gen, little tokyo.

the night before my birthday, sean and i looked for a new sushi spot to try for my pre-birthday dinner, one that was closer to where we lived since for sushi we've been going to pasadena (sushi roku) and san marino (yoshida's). after a few minutes perusing through yelp, we decided to try sushi gen, in little tokyo. honestly, it's the best place we've been to yet, and i wish i could start my morning off with their toro sashimi (soooo good!). (thank you, love, for this awesome experience!)

nigori sake and echigo beer.

sweet shrimp sushi and toro sashimi.

shrimp head (from sweet shrimp sushi) miso soup.

uni (sea urchin) sushi! i love uni.

and then the rest i totally forgot the names of due to alcohol and hunger, haha.

vegitable roll, lol.

oyster shooter! oh god, the sake was so overwhelming but overall very good.

salmon skin handroll.

and the little birthday treat at the end.

i totally recommend this place.
to sit at the bar it's a 4 order minimum,
a little pricey but it's so worth it!

and honestly, this was the most memorable night of my birthweek =)

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