Monday, September 19, 2011

twenty-two and five days.

eyeglass charm, thanks to kai.

i've been 22 for five days and i don't feel any different.
when it comes to age, i've always felt old so..what's another year?
i know, 22 is still pretty young but i already feel like i've been through everything.

but i can definitely say i feel blessed.
blessed with all the opportunities that have come knocking on my door.
blessed with all the people that are in my life that i am influenced by and learning from.
blessed with all the love in my life and the experience i have gained from just stepping out.

i was asked a very good question today by someone i was interviewing:
"what is your favorite thing about life?"

after much thought, i have to say...

my favorite thing about life is life itself.
the ups, the downs, the good, the bad.
the right, the wrong, the lessons, the mistakes.
everything that makes life what it is.
the people we meet, the people who leave.
the ones we love and the ones we hate.
the fights, the moments we spend making up.
even the times when we all fall apart.
they're all my favorite.

because without all that, who would we be?

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