Wednesday, October 26, 2011

lazy, lazy.

it's been harder and harder for me to get up at 7:30AM.
it's 12:06PM now, and I've been up for about three hours.
so far, i've only gotten one thing done out of my errands.

anyway, today's to-do list:
(funny how i tend to be the busiest on my day off)
  • go to csula to turn in paperwork for transcripts
  • finish up the dj vick one interview/article for swagg news
  • go to the bank, deposit skrilla
  • go to t-mobile and handle new-phone business
  • meeting with sina and new girl regarding company 
  • send out babe events e-mails, etc
  • start on the ninth navales-song writing exercise (self-portrait + writing)
  • buy disposable camera to start project 
yes, i'm still in my pjs. yes, i'm procrastinating.
big fucking time.
i wasn't kidding when i said i need better time management.

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