Saturday, October 1, 2011

my september album.

DISCLAIMER: This post contains 100+ pictures of the things that have occured last month.
September's been a really good one for me, surprising since my birthmonth never really runs smoothly.

Anyway, I just came back from the Eagle Rock Music Fest--super epic.
Low End Theory KILLED it. Pictures + article will be up on LMN super soon.

done by valentina. blind contour portrait, tempura + crayola marker on all media paper.

i really wanted this elephant piggy bank.

beer from umami burger. 'twas good.

shrimp scampi pasta over at bj's. my first time there & it was for sean's dad's birthday!

i thought these barbies were super epic, haha.

oh, you know, just a normal day at target.

barbeque at the ramboyong's for alexis' birthday!

wtf? this was at a fry's electronics in west covina.

i called this one "fairfax girl's soccer player". bwahaha.

mmm, korean food! galbi jjim tang.

i was obsessed with these shoes for a bit.

this dude was PASSED OUT DRUNK, KO'ed cold.

his boots were made for walkin'.

best pizza parlor experience ever.

sean's co-worker eric.

this is what i made them sit on, haha

soldier of the "coloring revolution". i lost his card, dammit.

omg, kathy's (sean's step-mom) strawberry-spinach salad. SO BOMB.

such a cute family, haha.

cuban coffee!

got my nails done did.

french toast with strawberries, yum.

beach day with kat <3

i wish the couple in the background wasn't there.

this thing always freaks me out. (trypophobiaaaaa)

best benihana cook ever.

"happy birthday, hannah!"

birthday treat.

(it won't let me rotate.) my intimate birthday lunch crew!

this was last year's intimate birthday lunch =)

steven's birthday gift to me! i LOVE this coat. i can't wait for fall weather <3

barragan's $3 margarita wednesdays

disturbing, but a great book nonetheless.

this book at the boone made me want dim sum SO BAD.

gift for miss de mata, which i haven't sent out yet, lol

super hard day at work, obviously.

pancake 50mm f1.8 lens that i totally had to persuade sean into buying for $150.

birthday outfit. we went bar-hopping in dtla <3

best's gf and best being normal.

keaton! <3

golden gopherrrrrrrrrrrr! i love this place.

btw, connie and paul came out for my birfday! i heart them.

deep dish pizza from masa. BOMB.

oyster sundaes from yoshida's, belated birthday dinner with sean's mom, step-dad and uber cute siblings <3

daikokuyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. lunch with an old friend.

random visit to hold up art gallery in little tokyo after lunch to find a dope gosha showing.

view from kai's house.


my massive meal at denny's.


lights at nocturnal.


nala gave puppies!

tapa's platter.

soon-tofu from one of my super favorite spots to eat.

pile of lips for jeanny's toddler tarp tim burton project.

one of the best parfaits ever.

"gray elephant"

matthew! the cutest boy ever!

and he's julia's godson. =)

wow, that was a lot!

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