Thursday, December 15, 2011

lacma holiday party

every year, lacma throws the best holiday party for its employees (and their +1)
and it's a night filled with free wine, beer, good food (especially desserts),
a mashed potato bar (super yummy!), fun activities and the best raffle for prizes.

last year, there was a handwriting analyst who took a look at the way you wrote,
a lipstick reader who made you put lipstick on and kiss a napkin...
of course, taking a picture with santa is there every year.

this year there was a tarot reader and a caricaturist.
i couldn't get my cards read (the sign up sheet filled up the first thirty minutes)
but waited in line (with success) for an hour to get caricatured.
i think this is the first year i got to do something, haha.

last year and this year i won prizes off the raffle! that never happens to me.
but to happen two years in a row? i'm beginning to think sean brings me luck with these things, haha.

anyway, here's what i wore:

us being weird:

and what we stood in line for the first hour for:
aw, we both have cameras!

bumped into old friends, made new ones,
had a lot of fun with the people in my life now

and i can't wait for next year's party!

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