Thursday, January 19, 2012

sex and the city.

mia bought these on black friday over at target,
and i've been watching them whenever i'm alone at home.
because, you know, i wouldn't make sean watch these with me.

carrie & mr. big.
tell me why mr. big reminds me so much of.... (shrug)

anyway, this show is definitely estrogen overload & super addicting.

i don't know which girl i identify with more--miranda or carrie?
i'm sure as hell not a charlotte (too fairytale/storybook for me)
nor a samantha (although i LOVE how she's so outspoken & pushes the boundaries)..
but i think it's safe to say that every girl has the ideals of these four meshed into one...
it's really just a matter of who's more dominant?

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