Friday, February 3, 2012

hannahrenee x hip hop canada.

I don't know if I already shared this with you all, but I'm a contributor to Hip Hop Canada! I want to thank my friend Sina Tash for thinking of me. He's the head of the newly opened Los Angeles office of the site and we make a great team together when it comes to tackling interviews. Crazy how our strengths just mesh together perfectly--I think our work dynamic is pretty awesome. We both come up with the questions, he interviews while I take photos and write up the article later on, he reads it and puts his input, then I edit and submit! Pretty nifty, eh?

When we interviewed Kendrick Lamar before his show at The Music Box.

I'm currently listening to The Weeknd and writing up another article for them right now, which is why I thought up of this post, haha. A little "productive" way of procrastinating (promoting the site + our work? done!), wouldn't ya say? Read the debut interview we did for Hip Hop Canada here, and check back for the Kid Ink article I'm working on.

Screenshot of my contributor bio.

Alright, back to work I go!


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