Monday, February 27, 2012

a meeting of the minds.

Today was the first day I attended BOTH my classes (Modern Drama and College Algebra). I have those two classes back-to-back, and as soon as my math professor ended her (very engaging) lecture, I dashed to Burger King across the street from campus. Bought and finished two tacos, a rodeo burger, and onion rings while I was walking back to the Gold Line. I was starving. Had a huge headache on the way home, no thanks to my old prescription. Let me tell you, headaches caused by your poor, failing eyesight is very unpleasant.

And, yes, it takes five of those babies to rid me of any brain-pain.

School is absolutely amazing. Most people go to school with a goal of obtaining a degree in mind, keeping themselves motivated, reminding themselves to push harder for academic success in order to have an easier career life. But, for me, school has never been about a degree, a pathway to a successful career, status, whatever. I go to school to meet with minds. Honestly, if it were up to me, I'd keep going to school until my brain fails. The reason I love school the most is because you come together with intelligent (mostly) people who come from different backgrounds, who offer a different viewpoint on a subject matter. You come across amazing professors who share their interpretation of the material they teach, ultimately expanding our own awareness and knowledge. My Modern Drama professor, she's SO AMAZING, has definitely wowed me today. And through her, I found a new person to be inspired by, other than herself of course. David Mamet, I don't know why I haven't heard of him before.

And my math professor! Boy, is she something else. I never thought I'd ever really want to stay in a math class as badly as I did today. Thankfully, bless her soul, I was able to add the class when it was already way beyond maximum capacity (she requested a bigger classroom in order to add all six waitlisters into the course) and I couldn't be happier. She's so encouraging, so pro-individual-learning. Definitely made me feel like I should push myself harder when it comes to mathematics (and I abhor subject). Actually, I was pretty advanced in it during elementary. I was learning seventh grade level stuff with a few others in the fifth grade. To be honest, my dad's system of teaching was quite traumatizing when he tutored me in those days, which is probably why I pay the numbers no sincere heed, although I know that math would definitely satisfy my love of logic. Oh, the irony. Anyway.

Today, I fully realized just how out of the loop I am with the world around me. Today, I fully realized just how starved I was for classroom stimulation. All those different opinions, speculations, all in one room. It's so inpiring!

It certainly feels damn good to be back. And the 1.5hour morning commute? It's definitely more interesting than dreadful.

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