Friday, March 30, 2012

bastard artist

yesterday, i had the chance to "model" a bit for marco, better known as "bastard artist". you guys remember him, right? i conducted an interview on him for light meets night not too long ago and posted up a few of his images on this here blog. i'm not really all that comfortable in front of another's camera (i'm getting way better at it though), but i was really excited to be shot by him and shoot with him a little.

edit--marco emailed me the shot he took above..

what he was shooting in the picture above this one.

we cruised around koreatown a bit and talked about how much this city's changed, and how the gangs migrated to one block from another. this time around it was my turn to let him in my head and i was kind of surprised at how easy it was to bare a little of my soul to him. i was kind of shocked to see how tall this man really was as well, since i've only really seen him sitting down. i felt extra tiny. spending the little time i did with him yesterday was enough to let me see how the city's rawness greatly inspired him. and it made me appreciate his perception of things a bit more. i hope to work with him again, if not more often!

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