Friday, March 2, 2012

february at a glance.

happy march, all!
i haven't made a post like this in a while.

here's a little of this month's food porn:

some things that i saw:

february kind of went by in a blur...
my days were spent in growing responsibilities,
my nights in good company and personal projects.
i've surrounded myself with people who keep me motivated,
who drive me to push myself a bit harder and harder each day.
they remind me that i need to be better than the person i was yesterday.

it's been a great month, lots of opportunities
and a renewed appreciation for the life around me.
it doesn't sound like something that'll come out of yours truly,
but i'm falling in love every day!

february was also the month when sean was born!

sean's birthday dinner was over at cha cha cha restaurant,
where the happy hour menu was satisfying to the tummy & the wallet,
and the sangria pitchers were big (move out the way, do over sangria) and $10.

a BIG thank you to those who came out <3

it was also this lovely lady's birthday as well:

had bomb sushi (uni, yummy) and unfiltered sake the night of,
and bernadette threw a house party on the weekend,
where i provided mustache photobooth props.

'twas a month of great company and even greater memories.

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