Tuesday, March 6, 2012

formspring revival.

hi, hello, good morning!
it's a gloomy day today in la.
the weather's been very bipolar, as of late.

i've been starting the morning off with the music i was into in high school.
you know, back when we were so scene. with the big hair, the hair dyes, raccoon eyeliner.
a lot of fond memories of loitering, obnoxiousness, tight jeans, SXE and hardcore 2-stepping.
those were the days.

anyway, i've decided to revive my formspring account, again.
let's make things interesting and not be so shy around each other.
i'm not a believer in coyness, if you ask me something i'll answer.
dirty questions, stupid questions, silly questions, whatever. i don't discriminate.
so, you want to know something about me?


and i'll let you in on a piece of my mind.

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