Friday, March 16, 2012

got the flu blues

hi world. i caught the flu.
it's been absolute hell.
(did you know theraflu has double the dosage of meds than dayquil?)

the weather's gloomy,
this congestion's keeping me up,
and i swear i'm gonna od on vitamin c.
not to mention this fever that gives me the shivers.

anyway, i know i've been quiet,
on both my tumblr and this blog,
but school's been kicking my ass
and i seriously need to job hunt too.

navales and i started a new exercise,
but i think i'll just be posting my writing
instead of both of ours.
i mean, unless he wants me to.

i've lots of things lined up
but bear with me,
i need to focus my attention
on an english midterm that's coming up.

and i really hope the weather clears
because this gloom and cold isn't helping at all.

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