Tuesday, March 27, 2012


here we are, encased
in the fog of our heat
in your silver truck.

it's raining outside,
the water beating
against the windows

there are lights all around us,
distorted into geometric shapes
and i pretend that they are stars,
shining vibrant and steady.

you reach across for me,
laying your head on my lap,
your arms hugging me tight
as if i were a lifeline.

i trace the outlines of your face,
eyebrows first, then down the
smooth curve of your nose.

your eyes are closed but
the smile that plays at
your lips lets me know that
right here, right now,
you are content.

and with that, my heart
beats a little faster,
my cheeks get a little warmer,
and the atoms of every
molecule that fill my body
vibrate, tingling at the
heat of your body on mine.

time seems to move slow
when we are apart but it has
a habit of stopping for us
whenever we're together.

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