Tuesday, April 24, 2012

at the getty, then to father's office

So, remember my disconnected rant a few days about how I needed a getaway and to see new things? Well, I didn't exactly get dropped off in the middle of France or anything, but Sean and I spent our Saturday over at The Getty in LA. Well, it's not really in LA...it's more in the Beverly Hills/Brentwood area (big money, oh-ho). I was pretty excited because I haven't really been there since I was twelve.

The Getty is just so beautiful and so big, there was definitely an abundance of things to see there. I was even more thrilled when I found out the Herb Ritts exhibit was on display! Herb Ritts is one of my favorite photographers, he's known for his strong, high-contrast images and (shocking) exploration of the nude body. I especially love him because he was very interested in sexual ambiguity, and we all know how I feel about the a-word. :) I was sad that, due to it being a private collection, I wasn't able to take photographs but nonetheless, the exhibit was absolutely amazing! Afterwards, we took the architecture tour of the museum and learned some pretty neat facts (and our tour guide was such a cute little woman with the most charming Indian/British accent).

We headed over to Father's Office so that I could finally see what the big deal was about. For months now one of my co-workers (my fellow foodie!) had been urging me to go, saying that their burgers were way better than Umami (a place I thought was pretty overrated). But she also said some things about that place that made me think that it was run by snobs. Having been there once already, Sean wasn't surprised by their strict "no substitutions/modifications" and "by the book" methods. Like, really, you can't sweeten up my Old Fashioned just a little more? And what's up with watering down the cocktails by stirring it up with so much ice?

Anyway, this is what we munched on:

Smoked Eel Poached Egg (image from Yelp)

The Office Burger (image from Yelp)

Beef Marrow

I forgot the name of this but it was like prosciutto with compressed melons..

All this, three Manhattans (for Sean), one Old Fashioned, a glass of Ballast Point IPA and Anchor Steam later, we were still...kind of hungry (fatasses). And a little tipsy. Our server/bartender Dave was pretty cool too, gave us our last round of drinks on him and engaged in good conversation with us. I'd definitely eat here again!

Plus I just found out that the owner/head chef is Korean. Dope.

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