Friday, June 1, 2012

you can't please everyone

in life, there's always going to be someone who judges you
(sometimes quite harshly) no matter what you do, or
how nice you are or how much you don't care for them.

sometimes, people just go on hating,
they scrutinize your every move,
and they even translate your best intentions
into something horribly less than noble.

sometimes, it's because you're not like them,
or that they feel threatened by you or
maybe it's because of jealousy,
but most of the time it's because these people
aren't happy about their own selves,
their own lives.

so, instead of doing something about it,
they just talk you down,
paint a warped picture of you and just
maliciously act out like they're in high school.

but you gotta remember that
you can't please everyone and people are always
going to judge you and their judgement may
or may not be fair, but ultimately,
who the fuck cares about what they think?

as long as you're true to yourself,
as long as you're happy with who you are,
what they think about you has no weight on your character.

so, this one's for all my haters,
the ones who talk me down, try to convince others to do the same,
this one's for the people who make it hard for me to be nice.

it doesn't matter that you hate me,
what matters is that i'm still on your motherfucking mind.

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