Wednesday, August 8, 2012

meilleur amis

it seems a little unfair that we as people categorize our friends based on our closeness to them, especially for me since 1) i keep a tight-knit group and 2) i'm pretty close to every single one of them because 3) i'm not frivolous when it comes to giving out the title of "friend". but, in observance of national best friend day, i'd like to take a little time out to dedicate a post to the three friends that have consistently been there for me through the thickest and thinnest of times. without them, i would have been a damn mess.

this is geoff, better known as gee. we share a passion for music, city life and hats and it's a given that we're fiercely loyal to each other. we also puzzle over small-minded behavior while ridiculing that mentality. gee over here knows me best and i love that we can talk about anything and everything, and i think he's the only one who really sees my political side, as well as my philosophical. i love how our friendship remains the same, if not deeper, even though there are times when we don't really talk or hang out much. he's recently moved up to the bay, painting SF red whenever he's out and about and i'm so happy that he's out there doing his thing and i'm jealous all at the same time because he's living in the city we both love (not as much as la though, lol). i miss him so much and i can't wait until i go visit him up there.

this is mia, someone i call my ateh (though i'm not filipino, but for the past three years i've been attracting a lot of filipino friends, haha). oh man. if it weren't for this woman right here, i don't know where i'd be or what i'd be doing. she's seen me go through it all, and continued to be my voice of reason and rationale even though i'd be stubborn and still do things my way. oh man, i can't even begin to tell you just how much we've been through in such short of a time. oddly enough, we don't have that many pictures of just us two (that's gotta change) but from all the pictures we're in together...i know she's super fucking happy that i learned how to smile, hahaha.

and you all remember my french-vietnamese older brother steven, right? can it really be that we don't really have a plethora of pictures where it's just us two?! these past two years he has seriously taken care of me like i was his younger sister, always looking out for me, giving me brotherly advice (quite firmly, too), encouraging me to always surpass my potential when it comes to my passions and as you can tell from the picture above, we both love clam chowder. it's always a great time when we're hanging out, and the dance-offs we have while cruising in his car are kind of the best. seeing how he's lived with me and mia for about two years before he moved out on his own in the valley this january, he's seen more sides of me than any of my friends. like, the just-woke-up-and-groggy-with-eye-boogers kind, hahaha.

happy national best friends' day, you three!
i hope you both know just how much i love you,
and just how much i'm thankful for you guys.

and this goes to all my friends as well!
i got nothin' but love for all of ya.

live, love, laugh.

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