Thursday, September 13, 2012

used books

i went to one of my favorite used book stores, which i now live very close to (thanks to the recent move into a new place) and i went ahead and indulged. i absolutely love this place, and i bought most of these books for less than a dollar (heaven, if you ask me).

one of the things i love about buying used books are coming across little notes people write on the blank pages if they were giving the books to a loved one as a gift. they're kind of a treat.

and i found a copy of alice in wonderland with vintage binding and gold-leaf gilded pages (for a mere $15!!!!)! books were so beautiful back then, and can you believe this story is 147 years old? i've always wanted to invest in getting all my favorite classic reads in hardcover, vintage bindings et je pense alice in wonderland is a great book to start my collection!

it's honestly kind of sad how books are slowly getting phased out by contraptions like the kindle and the ipad. how can you not appreciate the lightness of a book in your hands, the excitement and anticipation as you turn its pages?!

all i know is, i absolutely love the smell of books, especially the smell of old ones.

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