Thursday, October 4, 2012

debate night

this picture is from last night, at the PCC campus center. it got pretty packed for the first of two presidential debates this year and though i was only able to watch the first thirty minutes of it, it was very interesting. i didn't really want to go to class, haha. now, i'm not as political as i once was, and i haven't been keeping my eye on the political weather as much as i used to (ex-political science major here), but that doesn't mean i'm not keen on what's going on. election day is right around the corner and though i don't believe our votes really count for much (anyone know what the electoral college is?), and it's true i've lost a lot of faith in our system of government (down with capitalism!) but after what i've been hearing/reading on mitt romney (and seeing him on that jumbo screen last night), i couldn't help but to laugh (really, republicans? why do your candidates get more and more evasive and more dense every presidential race?). i wasn't really planning on voting, but after watching a bit of the debate last night, i think i just might have to contribute.

but imagine, just imagine, that no one voted in this country? just imagine that everyone was just so fed up with the way things are and where they seem to be going, that not a single person voted, as a form of uprise against the current state of government? that...i think that would be the most astounding thing to witness and be a part of.

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