Saturday, November 24, 2012


thanksgivingtaking, my favorite time of year!
let's just ignore the fact that the pilgrims totally
took advantage of the natives' welcoming hearts
and focus on the important part of this historic day.

the food.

yes, yes, gluttony is my favorite deadly sin so
how can i not be in love with this bullshit holiday?
besides, america is the only country where you can
stampede into a store and trample people the day after
you give thanks for whatever it is you feel thankful for.

america, for the win!

anyway, this year's thankstaking was a pretty busy one. my parents', my grandma's, sean's dad's and then we went to drop off t-day food to our friend bernadette's since she worked a double (bless her soul, it ain't t-day without good food and great company) and then went to our friends' the ramboyongs to say hello and watch a documentary on the court rivalry of larry bird and earvin "magic" johnson--that was a really good documentary! i'm kind of sad we left before we could finish it. and can i just say that black friday is completely overrated? because it really is. DOWN WITH CAPITALISM AND BULLSHIT CONSUMERISM!!! then we headed over to sean's mom's for dinner and ended up getting sucked into a twilight marathon with his little siblings (they popped my Twilight cherry, haha).

now, it's saturday but it feels like a sunday and my sense of time is really skewed. i think i gained twenty pounds from being a gluttonous fool but i was seriously in heaven. i'm really excited for thankstaking dinner over at sean's step-father's family's later on today and i'm seriously excited about this cheddar-spam, rice and eggs i'm about to cook. and then we're gonna watch some more twilight (eclipse and breaking dawn pt. 1) back over at the mccall's and i guess tomorrow noon we're gonna watch the second part in theaters??

maybe it's because i was pretty drunk on beaucoup vino,
but i really didn't mind the twilight movies so much, haha.

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