Thursday, January 31, 2013

you guys all remember gee, right? i shot my best friend not too long ago while hanging out in downtown los angeles. i'm usually, and regretfully, kind of awkward on my own shoots, but this one (of course) was the easiest and the most laid-back shoot up to date. i'm not used to directed photography and would much rather take a bunch of candid photojournalism type photos--i need much more practice in the former area.

currently, gee moved up to san francisco and editing these images made me miss him a tad bit more. i can't wait until march comes around so i can head up there to visit him during the weekend of his birthday! i'm also way overdue for a trip up north, i'm dying to go back.

if you had to wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be composed of?
a diamond-crown fedora, fitted plaid button up, skinny corduroys (levis if we're throwing brands around), and a pair of vans, "prison" edition, of course.

what's your poison of choice on a night out?
you normal people call it poison... L.S.D.

what profane word do you use a lot?

if you can be an animal for one day, which one would you choose?
a cockroach living in the white house.

which website do you spend most of your time on?
hands down, al jazeera. i need my news, and they do it best without a lot of the nonsensical misleading bullcrap the rest of the media outlets pour into the public. ...great opinions, check them out!

what inspires you the most?
nature inspires me. nature's agenda to be exact. the unknown forces of the universe that drive. the unknown inspires me to be who i feel like being.

what's the most interesting conversation you had with a stranger?
what a question for someone with such a terrible memory.. oh, oh, so a couple months ago, i had a conversation with a professor of mine about how insane a story--the history of america to this day--really is. stephen spielberg couldn't write this stuff.

words to live by?
all of 'em, use them!

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