Thursday, January 31, 2013

in coffee i trust

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today, i finally got around to editing the plethora of pictures i have from recent (and past) shoots that were left pretty much untouched since loading them into my laptop. i definitely have to credit, and thank, the caffeine god for the day's productivity--i even got around to updating my cargocollective account with (properly sized) images of mimi and adding another folder for gee. i also have to thank melissa de mata--if it weren't for her indirect guidance i wouldn't have known about this awesome website. i've been searching for a while to find a place i can neatly display my photos for everyone to see. now, voila! hope you guys enjoy looking through these and yes, i'll be adding more. :)

i've been pretty inspired lately and i can't wait to execute the ideas i have for future shoots!

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