Monday, January 28, 2013

just checking in

hiyo! hope january has been treating everyone well.
everything is amazing here on my end, it's been a very
rewarding and inspiring month so far--i'm feeling really good!

i've been kind of quiet on almost all of my social media accounts--
i think it's necessary to unplug from everything and enjoy life.
sometimes i feel like fred armisen in the pilot episode of portlandia,
you know, the part when he has a meltdown due to his "technology loop"?
i'm even considering getting rid of my twitter account (again)..
i've been at it since 2008, it's about time. is a great way to connect and promote..

anyway, my days have been filled with work, little sleep and
documenting (and participating in) the restoration of the elliott smith wall..



we're not quite finished yet but it's look pretty awesome if you ask me.

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