Wednesday, March 20, 2013

beyond wonderland

i know it's only march, but 2013 has been a
very eventful year thus far: trips to joshua tree
once, even twice, a month. random nights spent
with great company. a weekend up north, an EDM
event, and work + school in between! it's definitely
been nonstop fun since welcoming the year of the snake.

last weekend, my friend at insomniac hooked me and the man
up with a couple of guest wristbands for beyond wonderland.
it was definitely a new way of experiencing a rave--backstage
access? free drinks? AND ACCESSIBLE BATHROOMS?!
if heaven had raves, that is what it would be like.

queen's domain, standing VIP

discovery project--we owned that stage, haha

charlie, aka crunch theory. his tech house + fidget set blew me away!

alex sibley + the crunch theory

the group

cheshire woods, where all the deep house made my face melt.
EPIC EPIC EPIC, i didn't ever want to leave the place, zomg!


dude, maya jane coles and art department, best sets EVER.
they really threw down, such great fucking music.

and i saw a car with this on the license plate,
what are the chances? this is what we used to
call the apartment lived in with friends in alhambra..
total party house.

thought it was random...and very fitting to those of you who remember dobbs, haha

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