Wednesday, July 3, 2013


so many words swirl in my mind but i don't have the urge to speak them.

there was a time when i longed to be heard, longed to feel like i mattered and that i made a difference, an impact, in the lives of those who walked in and out of my life. nowadays, i'm no longer desperate for acknowledgement and i don't care much for what others think of my thoughts and actions, much less care whether or not i resonate in the memories of people i myself am beginning to forget.

maybe i can say that i owe it all to time, to my growth, and to the recent experiences i have gained in my days of living. i can't quite put a finger on the way that i have been feeling and the introspections i have made as of late, but i can definitely say that i'm on a good path with myself.

lately, i've been experiencing a dry spell with my creativity but today i've felt a resurgence of my passions. i'm excited to see how the plans i've made with a few friends begin to unfold and manifest themselves.

it's also the beginning of the second phase of 2013. this year, as i keep saying in past posts, have been nothing short of amazing so far and the remaining six months look very promising as well!

changes. lots of them, and they couldn't have come at a more perfect time.

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