Thursday, August 8, 2013

a little reminder

"we all have good days and bad days.
no one has the perfect life we think they lead.
we revel in things that make us happy and are
inspired to be better to the people we love,
but we also get annoyed with ourselves over
our faults and occasionally show fits of
anger or jealousy.

it's okay to be upset or frustrated,
just like it's okay to be happy and in love.
feel everything.
you can't sustain if you always try to
be perfect for everyone around you.
show moments of weakness, be inconsistent,
and throw an occasional tantrum when everything
just happens to go wrong on the same day...
but wake up the next morning and try to
improve one thing, no matter how tiny
or insignificant it may be.

we can't control everything that happens to us,
but we can change how we happen to others."

words of wisdom from a certain fog i love.

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