Wednesday, July 9, 2014

caps & gowns & best friends

you know it's june when you start feeling a little more relaxed (coupled with a touch of recklessness during off hours); there's just something about the summer air that recircuits your body and mind. you also know it's june when there's an overload of wedding photos being curated all over social media mediums (june is the ever-so popular month for weddings) and graduation photos as well. graduates galore!

last month, i shot my first cap and gown portraits for kristen and her friend sarah over at ucla. i almost forgot how beautiful the campus is--it's been years since i last went there. it was definitely a challenge; a lot of other graduates were there for their own cap and gown photos as well and i'm kind of anal + meticulous about strangers getting in my shots (unless it's intentional). it was also really fun--i think i did well for someone who forgot the extra camera battery and was only running on one bar!

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