Wednesday, December 19, 2012


it's a little psychological fact
that all emotional pain lasts for only twelve minutes.
anything longer than that is self-inflicted.

i don't quite know how to take this newfound knowledge.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

ramen, ramen

before my short shoot with my friend catherine,
she took me to a ramen spot in echo park that blew me away.
seriously, i think this place is way better than daikokuya in little tokyo,
but that's just me.

she got the vegetable ramen

i got the spicy chicken tonkatsu ramen,
and because i'm a fatass i made mine a combo
and it came with

a small salad with their own dressing

and a spicy tuna bowl (a choice among three)

and since it's another gray day,
i think i'll go there again for some damn good noodles.

Friday, December 14, 2012

flock shop, los angeles

When I came across this cute little store in Chinatown, I instantly fell in love. From toys to flasks, sunglasses to restored vintage dresses, jewelry to art prints, this store had it all! Located in the Old Chinatown Central Plaza, Flock Shop is the physical manifestation of Its owners are Michelle and Chad Corros, the husband-and-wife duo who strive to keep the arts and the culture of locally made goods alive and well.

Flock Shop's doors first opened in August 2007 and has been maintaining relationships with local artists, providing the public with a beautiful, not to mention absolutely unique, array of merchandise. Doubling as a gallery space and store front, Flock Shop is the place where artists can display, and also sell, their artistry and fruits of their labor. Much like the artists whose creations are showcased in this adorable location, Michelle and Chad both created and renovated the whole space themselves, making Flock Shop (which was once a storage unit) what it is today! I got a chance to sit with Michelle and Chad to get to know them, and the store, a little better. Click the jump to read the interview!

fedora head

stuck in a cubicle for the last three hours of work.
then it's another three hours spent in a meeting,
and it's fine with me because they're gonna feed us.

Friday, December 7, 2012

late nights

there's been a resurgence in me
and a restlessness has settled in my soul,
filling me with an eagerness i haven't felt
in a long while.

now, it's not a nightmarish insomnia
that plagues me from my dance with sleep.
now, it's a desire to create that fuels me and
satisfies my being.

tonight's no different, i find myself
wide awake, filled with inspiration and
a need to satiate this thirst--
i'm excited to see where it takes me
while i turn away from slumber once again.