Thursday, March 31, 2011

rooftop scenery.

Palm trees guide me home each night.

good morning.

I can't seem to wake up bright and early anymore.
It's actually making me feel a little...retarded.
I used to be able to run on 4 hours of sleep..
I guess I'm just getting old now.

Anyway, it's time to start the day.
West Covina, here I come!

cafe santorini, old town pasadena.

Spent the day in Old Town Pasadena today.

Monday, March 28, 2011

hello again, blogspot.

I'm back, I'm back, I'm back again.

Oh, Blogspot, how I've missed your minimal simplicity! I honestly don't understand why I ever left you in the first place. Well, to be honest, Tumblr was a lot more simpler to use, in retrospect, but I didn't like the whole...popularity contest aspect of it at all. Plus, all those reblogs of the same images and such were starting to get extremely annoying. Then Wordpress..well, Wordpress just looked really appealing but honestly, nothing beats Blogspot. I won't ever leave you, not ever again.

Anyway, these days I find myself getting lazier and lazier, and it's been getting harder and harder for me to stay motivated. I find that this often happens when I get comfortable with where I'm at or with how things are going in my life. So, I guess this is a huge note to self: don't ever get too comfortable with the pace of your life, Hannah Song. Let's get the fuck up off your ass and keep shit interesting, capice?