Friday, March 22, 2013

confessions, part one

when people ask me to show them my work,
i get a little nervous and a bit embarrassed of what
is available to show them. mainly because it's just your
typical "pretty face in great location" type shit and it's
nowhere close to the artistic vision i have for my photography.

i can't wait until i have the time to execute all these plans in my head.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

kiss the sound and pound your senses

because i love deep house.
because this song gets me groovin'.
because it reminds me of manic monday.
because i've pretty much had it on repeat.
& because i haven't made a music post in a while.

beyond wonderland

i know it's only march, but 2013 has been a
very eventful year thus far: trips to joshua tree
once, even twice, a month. random nights spent
with great company. a weekend up north, an EDM
event, and work + school in between! it's definitely
been nonstop fun since welcoming the year of the snake.

last weekend, my friend at insomniac hooked me and the man
up with a couple of guest wristbands for beyond wonderland.
it was definitely a new way of experiencing a rave--backstage
access? free drinks? AND ACCESSIBLE BATHROOMS?!
if heaven had raves, that is what it would be like.

queen's domain, standing VIP

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


i'm no stranger to living vicariously through the internet &
when i was younger, i used to live in my head, encased in my dreams
rather than facing my reality--times were hard back then, and my
imagination was definitely a far better place than what i woke up to.

but now, now life is far better than anything i used to fantasize over
there's nothing i want to forget, nothing i want to do over,
nor do i wish i were someone else in a faraway land.
i'm perfectly content right here, right now, and
bless the universe, it just feels so fucking amazing.