Monday, March 28, 2011

hello again, blogspot.

I'm back, I'm back, I'm back again.

Oh, Blogspot, how I've missed your minimal simplicity! I honestly don't understand why I ever left you in the first place. Well, to be honest, Tumblr was a lot more simpler to use, in retrospect, but I didn't like the whole...popularity contest aspect of it at all. Plus, all those reblogs of the same images and such were starting to get extremely annoying. Then Wordpress..well, Wordpress just looked really appealing but honestly, nothing beats Blogspot. I won't ever leave you, not ever again.

Anyway, these days I find myself getting lazier and lazier, and it's been getting harder and harder for me to stay motivated. I find that this often happens when I get comfortable with where I'm at or with how things are going in my life. So, I guess this is a huge note to self: don't ever get too comfortable with the pace of your life, Hannah Song. Let's get the fuck up off your ass and keep shit interesting, capice?

But I have to say, there has been some good coming out of my laziness and it's the fact that I've finished four books, back to back. Shamefully enough, I haven't really been reading as often as I usually do during the past year or so, so it felt really good to have exercised my brain, and imagination, in reading comprehension.

Yes, I've read Haunted, Lullaby (which isn't in the picture since it was borrowed from a lovely co-worker of mine), Rant and Invisible Monsters (all in that order) by Chuck Palahniuk. Chuck's quickly becoming one of my favorite authors, although I feel that he needs to stop dragging some of his writing out from time to time. I plan to read all of his books by the end of this year, and I have to say that I'm enjoying all the books so far.

Out of all of these reads I've enjoyed Haunted the most, although I wanted to throw the book in the wall out of frustration after a certain point. Haunted was the book that sold me into Chuck's writing and I was blown away by its overall theme. I just thought it kind of dragged a bit too long..I mean, you can only read about people cutting off their own limbs for a certain number of chapters, you know?

As much as I love Chuck and his existentially satirical and dark writing style, I'm gonna take a break from him and pick up Anchee Min's Becoming Madame Mao. I'm a pretty dark, morbid person myself, and I love a good dark read like the ones Chuck provides, but if I read another one of his books right now I'm going to go into bitterness overload with the way I view society already.

Okay, enough ranting. It's time to kick insomnia in the ass with my new book and go to sleep.

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