Friday, April 1, 2011

stickers & sahtyre.

I love receiving mail!

I got Light Meets Night stickers in the mail, courtesy of Sothan, and I'm super excited to slap them everywhere. I just might start a photo-diary on this blog with my slap-sticker adventure. Maybe upload a picture of the most noteable places I've slapped them on.. Sounds super swaggy.

Also, I've met up with Sahtyre, a friend of mine who is quite well-known in the underground music world and in the Los Angeles battle-rap scene (although he's stopped battle-rap for a year now), for an interview that'll be up on Light Meets Night (hopefully by Sunday the latest?). Always a pleasure to hang out with him, and it felt really good to reconnect. It's funny how exactly a year or two ago we went to the same pho restaurant and also conducted an interview (for The Urban Decadence..he was actually my first artist interview ever).

It was interesting to see just how much we both have changed and grown in the past year or so. It's going to be fun comparing and contrasting my first interview with him and the one we just did a few hours ago, since I still have the first tape in my possession. Today's been one of the best interviews I've conducted so far.

Anyway. The interview I conducted with Speak will be up tonight. You guys all should totally be on your toes for that one.

YES, I've been on mad grind mode. Swag the fuck out with me!

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