Thursday, May 26, 2011

frida kahlo.

watched frida last night..

this tango scene was a bit awkward but sexy, nonetheless.

i especially love the songs,
and how they were incorporated with the movie,
as well as how frida's artwork (though the direction was a little off).
it was mind blowing, seeing all the folk singers in the scenes
like chavela vargas and lila downs...
loved it.

"la llorona"

si porque te quiero quieres, llorona
quieres que te quieres más 
si ya te he dado la vida, llorona
¿qué mas quieres?
¿quieres más?

because i love you, weeping woman
want me to love you more
if i have already given you life
what more do you want?
you want more?

"la bruja"

me agarra la bruja, 
me lleva al cerrito,
me sienta en sus piernas,
me da de besitos. 

¿ay dígame ay dígame ay dígame usted
cuantas creaturitas se ha chupado usted?
ninguna, ninguna, ninguna no ve
que ando en pretensions de chuparme a usted

the witch grabs me
she takes me to the mountains
she sits me on her lap
she smothers me with kisses

oh tell me, oh tell me, oh tell me please!
how many children have you sucked dry of life?
i've sucked none, none, none, can't you see?
it is you who i am trying to suck the substance of

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