Tuesday, November 1, 2011

the month of october.

i'm not going to deny that october has been somewhat of an emotional roller coaster for me. things were fine, pretty good actually, but i have some inner issues i have to work with, but we all knew that i'm pretty fucked up in the head. anyway, i don't have a lot of pictures for this month =( my phone got completely smashed so i had to get a new one--pretty sad that i lost all the epic pictures i had in my old phone but i can't complain about the newer contraption i have in my hands now, haha.

now, onto the pics!

the only two pictures i recovered from my old phone because i twitpic'd them.
went to wolfgang gartner for my friend's star's birthday at the music box in hollywood.
three girls + wolfgang gartner + drinks + the best venue = epic night!

chicken katsu from my favorite katsu spot. trust me when i say it's the BEST katsu EVER.

oh, so i have a camera in the front of my phone now. easier to cam-whore, hahaha.
but yeah, that's how i go to sleep and this is how i wake up. rofl

new marlboros. they have a coffee aftertaste which i thought was cool. plus i love the packaging!

i automatically read it in a heavy filipino accent and it made me laugh.

i called this one "i belong in a justice music video".

me and julia at the boone. i love this girl, she keeps me sane!

invitation for this year's muse ball at LACMA. it always sells out.

finally began to organize my tasks better.

"expiry date".

CHEWY! i'm totally in love with this puppy.

isn't he the cutest?

my roommate's dog and her puppies.

pascal and amber! cutest baby and coolest mom.

my first pumkin patch!

younhee at my coworker jeanny's pumpking carving/halloween party.

my first pumpkin! i've never carved a pumpkin in my life and it was pretty fun.

because of these, sean and i didn't talk to each other for like, two hours, lol

robert, who recently came back from thailand, and kai! i love these two <3

younhee went from cute to drunk-sexy in about 2.5, haha <3

walter, i love that boy.

scary movies for the party.

LOL i honestly don't know what to call this one.

ghost bike in pasadena.

pan seared salmon from aka bistro.

it was for kyle's birthday!

and, of course, i got the cheese for dessert. and that wine was the best i've ever had.

i'm obsessed with these red pants. & new bag, thanks to le boyfriend <3

is she hot or cold??

and a love note from julia <3

that's it for now. 
i didn't do anything for halloween, it was the first year i was pretty nonchalant about it, so i don't have any pictures of me in costume or whatever. but nonetheless, it was a good one because i got to SLEEP! 

until next time =)

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