Tuesday, December 6, 2011

november, november.

Hello readers!

I'm sorry I haven't been consistent in my posting. I'm getting too comfortable (and also a tad bit lazy) with all the festivities this season brings. I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving and that it was filled with good food, great company, and many memories. I was definitely thankful that I had someone special to share this holiday with and especially thankful that my family and I are in great terms (as opposed to the past two years). Usually this time around the year I'm at my lowest--holidays never really treated me so well for the most part of my life, but I'm glad things have started to look up. I hope that it'll be like this for many more holidays to come!

Anyway, it's about that time I clear out some memory space on my phone and overload you with pictures that show you a glimpse into my life.

First off, this is most of the food I ate throughout this month:

Spam fried rice, #1! I think this month I craved spam fried rice a good number of times.

Omelette fried rice. It's a Korean thing.

Chicken tempura wrap with sweet potato fries from the Tempura food truck. BOMB.COM

Chicken teriyaki + sushi combination bento box from the Manna food truck (it's a KBBQ taco truck...)

Enchilada plate from Benito's! Haven't been there in a while.

Shrimp + burger basket & the spicy pastrami fried rice plate from Olympic Burger.

First time eating Jollibee! Got the Filipino spaghetti and the spam con pan de sal.

UGH, BEST veggie patty EVER. Over at the Warner Bros. lot while visiting the boyfriend at work.

Kalbi burger and the LuLu burger from Kalbi Burger. 'Twas delicious.

Maduros and the chicken empanada from Lidia's Dominican Kitchen food truck.

OMG. BEST breakfast burritos over at Tacos Villa Corona.

The BEST mango lassi I've had so far.

Onion bhaji from India's Flavor. BOMB.

Tandoori shrimp and chicken vindaloo from India's Flavor. Seriously the best Indian food EVER.

Kulfi pistachio ice cream for dessert.

Got that pho ga (chicken pho) to go!

 Mandoo! (Pot stickers) from the New York Galbi food truck.

Palak paneer, samosas and garlic naan from the New Delhi Express food truck on lunch break.

Spam fried rice #2!

How I serve them, haha.

Croissant, ham and cheese sandwich from Cake House during "Me Time".

Gam ja tang! I fucking LOVE this shit.

A rare family (roomate) outing on a pleasant Sunday.

Smoked salmon platter!

Then we went to MILK for some coffee and pastries.

Massive Filipino breakfast from DJ Bibinkahan while at the laundromat.

Linguine with red sauce, bread avec balsamic vinegar + olive oil. Yum.

Filipino breakfast! Pancit, rice, fried egg and longanisa.


Bleu cheese burger from the Grill 'Em All food truck. BEST BURGER EVER.

Spamsilog from the Tapa Boy food truck.

Tapa tater tots from the Tapa Boy food truck.

Thanksgiving dinner #1! I love Thanksgiving foooooood. Had two plates!

Prosciutto sandwich from Eastside Market Deli.

Shabu Shabu House!

Thanksgiving dinner #2! Of course I got seconds.

Nakji bokkeum. I fucking love this shit too.

What I wore:

Yes. I'm very into the sleek high bun hairstyle right now.

Some random things I saw:

Over at my favorite cafe.

I love the old buildings of DTLA.

Scenery on my block.

Best book I've read in a while.


Magnets on Kai's fridge.


They took the bamboo trees down =(

Friday Night Jazz at LACMA!

An incense for Lover <3

Happy hour with Ateh Mia <3.

Gift from Lizzeth <3

Got mah hurr did by the ma dukes (as always).

Being silly with Steven after eating dim sum. 

This made me twitch out of OCD.

View from studio.

Baby bought a 55".

I liked the design of this package.

Bloody Mary & I forget, lol. Something with tequila.

All done!

Glitch night at Hip Kitty for JB's birthday =)

Oh, and it was Olivia's birthday!

Table full of desserts that Olivia's mom, Bonnie, made from scratch!

Which, of course, I packed some to take home.

Bonnie preparing the take-home boxes.

Kids turned the parents' room into a play room. That's Olivia's dad, Jonathan.

Girl got two cakes (carrot & chocolate, all baked from scratch by mommy)! 

Time to blow out the candle!

Olivia double-fisting her cake! I taught her well.

And the newest addition to the Moon-Tsai family, Jack. So cute!

Big ol' Elmo just straight chillin. He was getting beat up by all the kid, ya should've seen.

Oh, and I went on a random turnaround trip to Vegas before Thanksgiving! It was last minute, very spontaneous and wasn't really filled with the usual stigma-ed Vegas craziness but honestly, I had a lot of fun. It was only the second time I've ever stepped foot in Vegas but it was hell of a lot better than the first, for sure.

Funny looking lights over at Cesar's Palace.

Wreath of laurel.

The crew consisted of me, Sean, Paul and Connie. I love them! <3

I was so drunk. That Jameson never tasted so sweet! (That's what she said, haha)

'Twas a very fun night!

And so I leave you with this, to mark the end of my adventures in November.

PS) I should make this a bi-weekly thing. Uploading 200+ phone pics is no joke!

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