Thursday, December 22, 2011

random saturdays

went to chinatown for some dim sum + xmas shopping with sean & steven.

sean loves to flaunt his ass.

& he's crazy for that sugar cane juice! (no lie, that shit is bomb.)

then we made our way back to koreatown for some coffee...

the barista burnt the milk for the capp and the place was a wannabe starbucks.

blueberry macaroon!

then made our way into west hollywood, just because.

and we found a cute shop just for lomography cameras!

i totally spazzed out in here and i wanted to buy the whole store.


and i totally went creeper status and caught this couple being cute =)

ah, l'amour.

my life is pretty random,
and i love when we're out on random dayventures.

until next time!

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