Wednesday, February 22, 2012

first day of school.

Hi, all.

I haven't been consistent, I know. This month's been a busy one--my time's been taken up by a new job (on top of more hours at LACMA), birthdays of loved ones and, best of all, school. Today was the first day of Spring semester over at Pasadena City College and I'm totally in love with the campus as well as my Modern Drama professor (English 57). I just hope that despite the budget cuts and the overcrowded classrooms, I'll be able to add the math class I need (ugh, math).

It's been almost two years since I've been in an official classroom setting--I didn't realize how much I missed it until I sat there among 20+ individuals, going over the class syllabus with the professor. And, yeah, the commute's kind of far (an hour and a half via Metro), but what else is new? In the end it's totally worth it. I seriously love how Pasadena City College really care about the academic success of their students. They pay more attention than CSULA, that's for sure.

I love the Gold Line, it totally reminds me of San Francisco's MUNI. And it's always interesting to see the people who take the city's public transportation everyday, getting from point A to point B. Union Station! The bustle of that place is just so amazing, if you really stop to think about just how many people come across your way by you even standing there for five minutes. I mean, I've been taking the Metro everywhere for years but today my appreciation for the system was renewed as I took all the sights in.

Of course, it felt really good to have one of these in my hands again.

I've been keeping busy--I've missed feeling overwhelmed with things to do! It may sound funny, but I absolutely love when there's a lot on my plate. Right now I have school, Light Meets Night, BABE Events, Hip Hop Canada...not to mention all the personal projects my mind has been buzzing endlessly about.

Constant creative motion. I'm definitely piecing myself together again, bit by bit.

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