Thursday, January 17, 2013

skater boys

yesterday i ended up locking myself out of my apartment
when my friend noah and tony came to pick me up for some coffee
over at the bourgeois pig in my neighborhood (coffee & $1 pool games?!).
guess i got too excited to see a couple of old friends, haha.
it was a nice surprise when a couple more joined us later in the day.

seeing how i haven't hung out with these guys in a long time,
i was more than happy to be reunited with the group i loved.
i haven't been to a skate park in years and
i kind of forgot just how much i admire the sport.

it's crazy to see how much we've grown--
we're far cries from the immature, obnoxious,
shit-talking adolescents we came together as...
but that doesn't mean that side of us were completely eradicated, lol

it's also crazy to see how much we've each of us grew,
apart from each other, forming our own ideals and goals.
time's a funny little thing, isn't it?

we ended the day back at noah's place,
where his brother isaac (another good friend of mine)
was making legitimate korean barbeque.
i say legitimate because this is how we koreans used
to do it before the whole $10 all you can eat craze, haha.

yesterday was a pretty inspiring day for me as well!
adds to my feeling that this year is going to be fucking amazing.

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