Wednesday, February 20, 2013

good morning

i haven't been around this in a while
everything's amazing, i'm feeling cosmic
made three trips to joshua tree so far this year and
the latest one was for the beau's twenty-seven.
great times with even better company in the most awe inspiring place!

trying to be patient with my hair as i try to grow it out,
and i've been more scatter-brained than usual as of late..
honestly, i just want to go back to joshua tree!
but i'm definitely looking forward to our upcoming SF trip--
soon enough i'll be home sweet home, even if it's just for a weekend.

i have a ton of pictures to share!
but as for now i'm keeping to myself,
gonna enjoy the days without wanting to constantly
freeze-frame moments to suspend them in time.

because, sometimes, pictures don't do enough.
a machine can't quite capture things to the way our
eyes perceive the world around us, and believe me--
there is just so much beauty that we take for granted.

anyway, have a wonderful day, and i'll leave you with one of my favorites:

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