Tuesday, April 26, 2011

untitled poem.

i was once his best kept secret,
and he was once my biggest mistake,
heartless words to describe a heartbreaking situation.

it seems so odd, so surreal,
that we should be where we're at now,
as if the tainted past was nonexistent.

i won't deny that it's been hard,
forgiving his mistakes,
because i have once made them too,
and to move past the hurt,
for it is a bad habit of mine to dwell.

he's been trying, his intentions are evident,
they are not reluctant poisonous words dipped in honey
as they were before--
there's a change in his demeanor,
in the way he speaks to me,
looks at me,
touches me...

it's as if he's a different man,
someone i haven't had a chance to meet,
a far cry from the person he was before.

and, heavens, the way he makes me feel,
the way he makes me laugh--
he enables me to forget about my unwanted memories
of unspoken things, so long ago,
even for a fleeting moment,
which is more than i can do for myself.

and for that, i thank him,
and for that, i love him,
and i am glad that i have stayed.

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