Thursday, April 7, 2011


sometimes, it still hurts.

to think of what's happened, to remember how everything felt, it's almost like i'm going through everything all over again. i'm not going to deny just how deep it cut me and i'm not going to deny the fact that i thought i was going to die. in those moments, i felt like i was choking with such rage and pain and sadness and betrayal and hate... that was what scared me the most. i never thought i could hate someone so much. i never thought i'd sit and wish that i never met someone, never thought i'd resent the day that we was a lot of powerful, negative feelings that i never dreamed of conjuring up ever again. i mean, truly hating someone like that once in your life is enough, i didn't need to go through something so unpleasant a second time. (honestly, i find that hating someone, at least for me, is very emotionally daunting and doesn't really sit well with my outlook on life, not to mention the fact that it took a very long time to forgive.) and over something so petty? (compared to other shit, this really was nothing.)

sometimes, even the littlest things remind me of it.

it doesn't help that the former other character of the story holds so many similarities to be quite frank it's really uncanny. it's almost to the point where i find myself resenting my own qualities that we both hold similar. but in the end, i always have to remember that i am who i am, and though we may be so alike, we are completely different people.

sometimes, i find myself second-guessing everything.

to be honest, it feels all so sudden how the attitude has changed and how the situation has taken a complete 180 degree turn. it almost gets me to doubt the genuinity of the matter, not to mention the fact that i'm already well-guarded, in case of anything going wrong again.

but then, i realize, sometimes i just have to trust in the flow of things.

things are going to happen, hurt is inevitable and there are just some situations you have no control over but that's the beauty of everything around us. everything is a learning experience, everything happens for a reason.

so, hannah song, don't dwell so much and trust your heart and intuition. stop repressing yourself--what happened to the "i don't give a fuck about what people think" attitude of yours? cease it. it's unbecoming of you.

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