Thursday, April 7, 2011

take the ribbon from my hair.

"I don't care what's right or wrong and I won't try to understand.
Let the Devil take tomorrow, for tonight I need a friend."

I've been in the mood for classic songs lately, songs my mom would sing in the car while driving me to school, reminiscing about her younger days. Of course, back then I sat in the passenger seat, embarrassed that my mom would play her music and not put the radio on blast (I used to think KIIS was the best station, silly me). Kind of throws me into nostalgia and wish that I had appreciated everything a little more. Maybe then I wouldn't really yearn for my younger years as often as I do now.

Anyway, I never understood the meaning of this song when I was younger, but now I realize just how heartfelt this song is. Certainly evokes a sense of tremendous loneliness.. I've listened to the original and the many covers...however, none of them appeal to me in the way Gladys Knight's version does.

"Come and lay down by my side 'til the early morning light.
All I'm taking is your me make it through the night."

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